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Craft your path.  Choose from one of our handcrafted, all-grain recipes, and book your brew day.  Each of our recipes has been carefully designed by our Pilot Brewing Team.  We strive to brew each of these beer recipes at least five times with different brewers to ensure consistency.  What's your flavor?


BDE Porter

Bold, dark, and roasted with just enough sweetness from the caramel to round out the flavor.  This black beauty presents with a mildly creamy mouthfeel, with dark cocoa notes, and a bright effervescent finish that leaves a lingering mild toast and coffee aftertaste. 

Summer Fun Cream Ale

Pale golden in color with a creamy mouthfeel, this beloved American classic style is slightly sweet, with a noble hop aroma and clean finish. You will notice this beer stays a little hazy due to the bottle conditioning and traditional yeast, but the flavor is pure summer: light, crisp, and easy to drink.  If you are from Wisconsin, you may even recognize this beer as a particular speckled bovine.

Dry Juice IPA

Passion fruit emanates from the pour, while Citra and Amarillo layer tropical fruits over an understated malty core. This flavor bomb, paired with a high chloride ratio, strikes a balance of refreshing and crisp: a perfect pairing of the hops' juicy flavors without any cloying sweetness. 


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