How It Works

Each Brew Day Experience™ purchase includes a 24 hour rental of our premium electric brewing equipment, all ingredients, step-by-step instruction, and personalized support direct to your doorstep. 

Why mess with starter kits and extracts? Brew like the pros on your first day.


Book your Brew Day.

We drop off and pick up the equipment, clean it, and get it ready for the next time you or a friend wants to brew.

You’ll have 24 hours to brew. No cleaning. No storage.

Your Brew Day Experience™ must be booked a minimum of one week in advance to ensure we can make you an overnight success.


Craft your path.

  • Choose from our All-Grain Recipes.
  • You like hops? Check out the IPA.
  • Like things a little Darker? We have a Porter.
  • Planning some patio-sipping and sunshine soaking? Get the Cream Ale.
Whichever you choose, you will be brewing with actual ingredients like a real craft brewery. Learn more about our recipes in the Brewer's Journal.


Brew Day!!

We provide everything you need to brew five gallons of beer. You only need to provide a grounded electric outlet and a hose or utility sink.

Easy-to-follow video instructions show you the how and the when at each step of the process.

In addition, BrewMaster™ members receive personalized support during their brew day.


Add your yeast to your chilled brew and let it sit in your basement for two weeks so they can do their magic (create alcohol).

Check out the Brewer’s Journal to learn more about fermentation.

Bottling Day!

Congratulations! You made beer and need to bottle it. Don’t know how? That’s why we’re here.

Your 750ML FlipTop Bottles come pre-santized. Your bottles will be labeled with you as the Brewer. All you do is add the beer and in 7-10 days you will have delicious, carbonated beer that you can bring to a party or horde all for yourself! 


Book Your Brew Day!