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I have been brewing for ten years. I love sharing my passion for homebrewing and the delicious outcome with others. My favorite part, hearing the surprise in peoples' voices when they taste something I have spent my time and effort to create, especially when they find out I brewed it in my garage. Inevitably, that surprise turns to questions or discussions on homebrewing that goes something like this:

"I would love to brew beer, but..." or "I used to brew, but my beer never turned out good..." and "I have all the equipment, I just don't have the time to brew anymore because...".

Trained as a product designer, I tend to solve issues with new, better products: I love gear! The equipment keeps getting better but also more expensive, causing more barriers for entry into the hobby. The problem: no one is creating the new homebrewer. I created Brew Day and the Brew Day Experience™ to eliminate these barriers for anyone who would want to brew great beer. I employed my twenty years of product development expertise to evaluate homebrewing from every angle. The answer is our Brew Day Experience™. I have selected the best equipment, ingredients, and processes to provide the most satisfying user encounter for a first-time brewer or the seasoned homebrewer.

Brew Day serves to create the smoothest transition from neophyte to accomplished homebrewer without the surprises of hidden capital expenditures, lack of brewing knowledge, improper sanitation, or having to stumble through hours of youtube and blogs before producing incredible, delicious beer.